The Power of We
A political campaign brand that fully reflects the personal identity, spirit and commitment of a candidate is lasting.

The Candidate
When Oklahoma State Representative Regina Goodwin (District 73) announced her candidacy in early January 2024, we were reminded once again of the rarity of politicians who are “of their” respective communities. “The Power of We”, impressed on shirts, posters and flyers, is not merely a campaign slogan, but fully represents her service to Tulsa communities. “The Power of We”, and Goodwin, as we immediately envisioned for her state senate campaign, is a brand that deserves our sincere and creative effort.

The Inspiration

Allegory looked towards the impact-driven campaigns of national candidates Pete Buttigieg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) for insight, each built upon active grassroots service, represented by people-centric moments and framed by a palette and design style that compels action.


Goodwin’s “The Power of We” brand was reimagined to represent her commitment to service and community, without a consideration of campaign cycle. “The Power of We” centers all brand messaging.

“My grandmother use to say ‘Service is the rent you pay for room and board on earth.'”

– Regina Goodwin, Oklahoma St. Rep, D-73

The Palette

A palette was thoughtfully crafted to reflect the grassroots personality of Goodwin, the spirit of her service and the rich history and heritage of Tulsans throughout state senate District 11. Of significance, is the diversity of Tulsa communities that we’re hopeful will be represented by Goodwin.

“When we don’t show up, our voices will not be heard.”

– Alicia Andrews, Chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party

We designed a campaign brand experience that extends well beyond digital. Voters should be reached where they spend most of their time, online or offline.

We designed localized community social media templates for supporters to share.

We designed a suite of social media templates for the campaign and supporters to share.

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